Friday, April 16, 2010

Misteri "Sang GO Jae"

Model seluar senteng berposing di depan "Sang GO Jae"

Selain kita-kita di sini, ramai jugak peminat PT lain ingin tahu di mana lokasi "Sang GO Jae" ni. Berikut citer nye :

MBC tree mini-series 'personal preference' (a play yisaein, directing sonhyeongseok nojongchan) of the bakgaein (Son Ye-jin) - jeonjinho (Lee) begins in earnest as couples living together of two people living together space drama 'sanggojae' interest in rapidly growing.

Ashes appeal bakcheolhan drama professor father of the individual on the topic for my wife and kids put your mind to Korean-style house built another disambiguation Fusion means the place. At home 박교수는 completed appeal lost my wife and daughter without ever disclosed to the outside of the individual is living alone. Pretending to be gay for that project Inflatable damyesulwon PRC is a situation that staying at home.

Appeared every time the gates and outside sanggojae Bukchon taken from the street, etc., and interior photography sanggojae Main anbuteo leading spirits in an apartment built in the garden of MBC cultures are carried out on the set. Inflatable personal and a written contract and a shot at cleaning the living room, eye-catching traditional patterns of coexistence and fusion of the doors and windows with modern light the beauty of Korean-style house is saved correctly pyeongyida. Highlight the beauty of Korean-style house as the focus geukjungeseo appeal for re-viewing tourists Bukchon Picnickers have risen to the back gate is a.

MBC Art Center, designed a set of sanggojae jangtaehwan art director, "appeals to the concept of re-stated in one word, 'compact' and 'Dan' all. Ponder the ashes 'personal preference' so that I could think of another character from the complete design spent more attention to. Hanok basic framework of its own to put some of the traditional beauty and modern convenience in terms of functional hamyi even been added. Hanok the way an actual set, but the real tile and wood were used, "he said.

Inflatable stories of individuals living with the express purpose of re-appeal to find the hidden charms of 'personal preference' will be interesting to see is another. Wed, the 14th episode aired five episodes over a variety of increasingly closer to the feelings of individuals and Jinho is anticipated to be drawn.

(Photo credit: MBC)

Bnt news reporters down the street joeunji

Dengan kata lain -

"The part you see in the picture above is filmed in Buk Chon's hanok village. The interior of the house is actually MBC's set in Kyung-gi Do."

Credit : PT @ soompi pg 44

Terjawablah sudah persoalan misteri selama ini ada yang perasaan rumah "Sang GO Jae" ni recycle umah Ji Hoo sunbae. Ambe ada perasaan juga masa episode 2, rasanya dalam dan luar rumah di shooting di 2 tempat berbeza.

Tekun dia hapal dialog. Sakit tengkuk ke Oppa? Sapa nak tolong masat ni?

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