Tuesday, December 01, 2009

OST : Friend, Our Legend

"Cingu ah, u r my pren"

"Ara, arayo"

01. Friends - Big Bang (TOP & Taeyang)

02. Closer -Alex

03. The Day - 정동하 (Resurrection)

04. Only you - Bobby Kim

05. Friend 1 - Lee So Ra

06. RUN - No Brain

07. Tears have cleared / I Erased Tears– Heo Young Saeng (SS501)

08. Can’t Have You – Whee / Hwi

09.Open Up - Hash

10.Old School Rock-ohjonghyeok

11.Destiny - JUST

12. After the play (Drama Version) - yigaeun

13.My Way-yidawon

14.Closer (Acoustic Version) - Alex

15. After the play - yigaeun


Tak disangka-sangka, lagu no. 7 itu. Aigoo ottokee boleh terselit dalam tu. Seprais. Lagi bersemangat nak tamatkan tengok drama ni walau pun ganas. Sebab antara 5 (SS501) ambe suka vokal solo dia. Hehehe

ALEX - We Got Married tu ek?

WHEE / HWI - Siapakah beliau ya? Esmem tak? Keke

Tapi yang paling peberet ialah yang ini. Lagu mengenai sahabat. Sahabat dah takde baru Cik Salmah nak menyesal

Yeah, TOP right here! (with SOL)
It’s been a while you see. (Long time no see)
I still remember the days, you remember?
Reminiscin’ over you
But I’m all right, like always

Don’t take it seriously
Guess it all over now
Tore up my map
Where I had put
My last period

Back on the street
Not wandering though searching for myself
Why bother to run?
A whale dreaming of
Swimming in the blue ocean

Awkward when we first met
Grew to care for each other
Spent many years together
Sometimes arguing

Stayed up all night together
Our history is at dawn
Have sworn to renewed friendship

I know, such a foolish idiot
At a pointed correction talked to a friend but
The last promise between us
Don’t know if that’ll be kept
I don’t know myself
Don’t know well, that’s the problem

Chorus :
We were friends
When we were together, we were like kids
Now, I don’t know where I am, where I am going
(Feel more alone still)

I’m wandering
After you’re gone
I’m in the darkness
I don’t know where you are, where you’ve disappeared to

(Still feel so alone)

Cold, strong rain and wind
Heaven and earth are still wet
A starry night
Haven’t seen it for a long time

Oh, look at me
It’s a lie – there’s no such thing as
A choice you won’t regret
In 1 year, 2 years, 10 years, 100 years, 1,000 years
Why do you regret now?
Looking back
I made more things wrong

Wind cuts like a knife
The memories I left behind like a crushed sugar cube
Tossing and turning, getting thirsty

My young love
Still so fragile
Splish, splash
Just swimming around
Wandering about
(I don’t know)

Long time no see
Told you to leave me
No need to feel guilty
(You and I both)

Without you
I’m like alone, sad wild goose

(You and I both)

Written by : TOP & Teddy

* Credit translations

Moral of the stori, hargai la kawan baik anda selama mana dia ada. Jika tidak, bila dia dah tak de nanti, nak kena wat lagu buat kawan plak. Kekeke

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