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Akan datang : Nodame Cantabile The Final Score (Part 1)

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Nodame Cantabile The Movie...yipeee

Today Ueno Juri, Tamaki Hiroshi and the rest of the main cast of "Nodame Cantabile: The Final Score – Part I" gathered in Tokyo, wearing the exact same outfits as in the movie, for the stage greeting and preview screening event.

Ueno led the cast into the theater, passing right next to the 4000 screaming fans who have been eagerly waiting to see the continuation of Fuji TV’s highly successful youth dorama series. This movie is the first of the 2 movies that are going to mark the end of this series about music and the love between a sensitive pianist (Ueno) and an elite musician (Tamaki).

"It’s not that easy to create such a large-scale movie packed with so much energy. I’m really excited."

Ueno greeted the audience. As you know, the filming of the Nodame movies took place in 4 different European countries. Ueno was asked to share her thoughts about filming abroad and as usual she had a unique story on hand. "It was difficult in the beginning, but now I’m okay with eating pizza and pasta every day. I got used to it."

Ueno really has the same naiveté as her role in Nodame and Tamaki simply had to poke fun at her again. "Did you really just talk about food?"

His thoughts about filming abroad: "I’m very happy that I got to conduct in Europe’s famous hall."

"Nodame Cantabile: The Final Score – Part I" will open on the 19th while Part II is slated for a release on April 17 next year.

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Chiaki-senpai kembali menemui waiem..huhu
Bukan sekali tapi 2 kali sebab ada 2 bahagian.

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Kabarnya boleh di dapati di HMV Singapore. Ke Spore lagi nampaknya. Ahakss


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Ribiu drama Nodame Cantabile

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