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Interbiu : Jung Yong Hwa

Baeksang 2010

Japanese Magazine, HANAKO, Jung Yonghwa Interview

The interview was arranged to be made some break time amid a music show recording. I’ve waited in the café of the TV station for some time. There were people discussing about work around me. Finally, Yong-hwa showed up.He played a role in You’re Beautiful, but the person I met in Seoul this time was a musician totally different from the role that he’s walked out of.

Yes, Yonghwa is from a band with talent. They’re getting a lot of attention lately.

He is the leader of C.N.BLUE. It was his first TV appearance and he is still adjusting to his new-learned acting skills and shedding of character image.

"It was a whole new experience for me playing in a TV drama. I’ve learned a lot from the eldest (co-star) Jang Geun-suk hyung and I’ve had developed some of my other potentials. Just watching what he was doing was a benefit to me already. I’m really thankful to him."

As the guitarist Shinwoo, who’s calm but warm, he was doing everything for Minam’s good but never got what he deserved in return.

Seeing the Shinwoo who’s watching over the love of his life with all those heart-broken expressions is just heart-breaking.

"Have you heard that you give people similar feelings from Oguri Shun?"

"I’m so flattered by such comments. Oguri Shun is a great actor. There’s so much that I need to learn from him."

Then I thought of what I heard from Jang Geun-suk when I was interviewing him. I told him I was going to interview Jung Yonghwa in the evening.

Jang Geun-suk told me, "Oh! Because Yonghwa doesn’t have a cell phone, please send my regards to him. He’s such a busy artist, how can he not have a cell phone?"

"I just don’t have one but I’m fine. I set the alarm with my watch to wake myself up in the morning. It really doesn’t matter." (Laughs)

He is now busy composing and is having a lot of fun doing music, just as a musician.

English translation by klaritia@soompi
based on Chinese translation by小西@cnbluechina
Credit : JYH @ soompi pg 64


1) Macam mana ek orang di zaman sekarang boleh idop tanpa henfon? Lelebih artis. Aigooo, Yong Hwa ah, ottoke? Tak de ber-sms ngn aweks dia la cenggitu. Patutlah ambe sms-sms tak reply. Kekeke

2) Macam kenal je Oguri Shun *ehemakirashockehem*

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