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Panas GO : Gugurnye ayor mata lelaki

Jika lelaki ini la yang menggugurkan ayor matanya, ambe memang sebak tidak terhingga. Umpama cubit peha di Seoul, peha di Subang Jaya juga terasa. Kerana kariernya, ayor matanya telah tertumpah.

Tumpa se aye, yu mus ke ra ye, kuch kuch hota hei

Sob sob

"Bior la daku sapu ayor mate mu"

Kang Ji Hwan Talks about the Contract Controversy for the First Time - “I Only Wanted to Act”

Actor Kang Ji Hwan held a fan event “2010 LIVE ‘Kang Ji Hwan’s One Day, Somewhere…’ HAPPYNEW YEAR” on the 30th at CCLemon Hall in Shibuya, Tokyo.

Kang Ji Hwan is in the midst of a contract controversy between Jambo Entertainment, who was his agency, and his new agency S Plus Entertainment, but he spoke up for the first time here.

In Japan too, he opened “KANGSTAR” ( as the one and only official fan club in Japan, but problems still remain with the So-Net, who had been administering the Japanese official fan club under contract with Jambo Entertainment, and whose contract term still remains.

In the midst of all this, both agencies and the two fan club sites have publicly stated their positions, but Kang Ji Hwan himself had not spoken a word about it until now, and attention was directed to today’s event as so what he will say.

The first part of the event, as the title suggests, progressed with film clips and quiz of Mnet’s original program and whose DVD was recently released, “Kang Ji Hwan’s One Day, Somewhere….” Then in the second half he himself started talking about the “controversy.”

Saying, “I was worried if many fans would not show up for today’s event. When I arrived at the airport, I was afraid that you would not greet me with lover as you had done in the past,” and said he prepared a video because he thought he wouldn’t be able to properly explain today. In that video he earnestly expressed his feelings.

“I was supposed to do a drama, but I was told that casting was decided on someone else and they had already started filming. I put in a lot of effort over several months in preparation for this role, so I’m very depressed.” “There were several other prospects, but none of them materialized. The period of 10 months was long. I’ve never had a blank until now. I’d had hits with “Rough Cut” and “7 Grade Civil Servant”…. More than being worried, it was hard.” Repeating these words, he explained his dissatisfaction with the circumstances leading up to this point and straightforwardly expressed his feelings.

"Percaya lah ambe bukan kaki pukul"

After this, he appeared back on the stage, and being unusually serious, he started talking.. He expressed his frustration saying “The only thing I can do is to stand in front of the camera. All I want to do is act, but it became complicated.” He appealed to his fans and asked for their understanding,, saying “Right now, all I want to do is stand before a camera. I want to return to my true profession.”

Also, he spoke about having no intention of commenting to the media regarding this controversy, saying “With all the news in the media, I wanted to talk back. It was hard. But the reason I endured was because I thought I should let the agency handle problems like this and since I’m an actor, I should show the truth in front of a camera.”

And there were loud cheers when he spoke like the Kang Ji Hwan who truly values his fans, “Because there are fans like you, I’m able to be here even though it’s been hard. I’ve been able to laugh. I thank you.”

He also touched upon the Japanese fan club issue. He announced that the new fan club will be free of charge of the time being, saying “I apologize to everyone, but the home page has changed. There are still legal issues, but I cannot work with So-net. I’m sure you were all confused, but since my agency changed, everyone please come to my new home. I want you to come back, so we decided it keep it free.”

After that, he disclosed happily that his next project has been selected and said “Enough for depressing news. I was anxious to announce some good news to you today. To tell you the truth, a movie’s been confirmed. Filming will start at end on of February.”“How much I really wanted to act, I want to show you in this movie. I want to take all the acting award,” he said with enthusiasm. He did not disclose the title of the movie, but it is speculated that it might be “All Quiet on the Western Front” by the scriptwriter of “7 Grade Civil Servant.”

The event ended on a brighter note with performance of songs and dancing, but as an event, this was not Kang Ji Hwan’s typical bright and powerful event. Even so, the fans seemed satisfied and relieved that he confided his heart to his fans, sometimes with tears in his eyes.

Tokyo-Reporter Tomoko Nozaki

Credit : KJH @ Soompi 759

Digossipkan beliau calon hero utama untuk watak utama Chuno tatapi...
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