Monday, April 06, 2009

BOF Party

Farewell party

See u next time

Comey je

Uikk sapa iteww ceom dia? Heppp biasa dia...Nape Jandi muka boring jer?

Versi tepung gomak...kekeke

Tepung gomak 2...abang Ju-On

Sesi fan meeting

Pose garuk kelemumur (ketombe) lagik hahaha

Mesej Lee Min Ho 3 April

Hello everyone, I am Lee Min Ho. Today fanmeeting was quite exhausting. Boys Over Flowers has ended, I ask everyone not just to like the Gu Jun Pyo in BOF but must also like Lee Min Ho even more. I’m very thankful today. Please love me till the end.
(credit LMH @ soompi 156)
pics as labeled

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