Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Drama : Voice


A group of five medical students take on the task of conveying the "voices of the dead."

Kaji Daiki fails to get into a popular heart surgery seminar but is somehow accepted into a seminar on forensic pathology. When he approaches professor Sagawa and asks him why he ended up in the seminar, Sagawa challenges him by asking why he wants to study heart surgery. Daiki replies that medicine is meaningless after the heart stops, but Sagawa counters that medicine also applies to the dead.And so, together with fellow students Ryosuke, Kanako, Teppei and Akira, Daiki begins to explore the mysteries of death.

Aigooo huhu

Eita. Tengok dia ni mesti ingat kat kawan saya Kak Ita Masita

Aigoo lagi

Heroin Top Caster & Last Christmas ngn Tamaki Hiroshi

Dalam drama ni nampak cam hepi sket compared to Maou yang stress hehehe

Nanti sambung lepas ada sab

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